Rockford Register Star journalists get no raises, but their publisher gets promoted

Our members at the Rockford Register Star and Freeport Journal-Standard did a marvelous job advancing the career of publisher Josh Trust.

GateHouse Media Senior Vice President Brad Dennison announced that Trust is moving up to Division Vice President of Community East. In a memo to employees, Dennison said Trust “led a low-performing property in difficult market to one of our best.”

Dennison also noted that “Rockford’s YTD digital marketing services revenue accounts for more than a third of the Large Daily’s production.”

And how have been Register-Star employees been rewarded for that business success? With the staff reductions and eternal wage freezes Trust imposed.

He generated strong cash flow from Rockford with ruthless cost-cutting. He demoralized the staff and inspired them to join the United Media Guild — despite his intense anti-union campaign.

Now Trust moves on to greener pastures, leaving Rockford and Freeport with stripped-down news operations. GateHouse keeps sucking money out of the region to fuel further acquisitions by its parent company, New Media Investment Group, and pay dividends to shareholders.

The United Media Guild will continue fighting for a first contract that rewards our Register Star and Journal-Standard members for this success. UMG will continue supporting the journalists who strive to produce high-quality newspapers and digital products for this region.


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