Chicago Guild aids Rockford unit

Chicago Guild mobilizer Beth Kramer is helping the Rockford unit launch its internal and external mobilization campaigns.

Journalists at the Rockford Register-Star and Freeport Journal-Standard are negotiating a first contract with the owners of the two newspapers, GateHouse Media. Kramer joined this contract fight through a landmark resource-sharing agreement between the Chicago Guild and St. Louis-based United Media Guild, the parent local of the Rockford unit.

Most recently Kramer spearheaded the successful mobilization campaign at the Chicago Sun-Times and its related suburban newspapers. Those efforts convinced Sun-Times media to finally negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement.

As part of that new agreement, the Sun-Times reinstated some photographers who were laid off when company decided to dump the entire department.

Kramer is working closely with Rockford officers to build solidarity in the workplace and public support within the region. Several key labor leaders have already pledged to back our efforts to gain fair first contract.


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